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Walmart va a cerrar 63 tiendas Sam’s Club y a despedir a miles de trabajadores

Walmart está cerrando 63 tiendas Sam’s Club en todo Estados Unidos, según ha informado Business Insider en base a informaciones oficiales. Los cierres comenzaron el pasado jueves por la tarde. Sam’s Club no ha informado de cuántos empleados están perdiendo sus trabajos, pero según estimaciones de Business Insider, cada Sam’s Club Warehouse emplea a unas 175 […]

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Namogoo CEO Chemi Katz: Malware Can Ruin the Customer Journey

When all goes well, the customer journey “ends with buying a product,” said Chemi Katz, CEO of Namogoo. “Hijacking interferes with the customer’s journey. It can be a pop-up that the company didn’t put there, or something that will lead a customer out of the website. It’s any interference that doesn’t come from the e-commerce business itself, but from a third party.”

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Top 5 Data-Driven Mobile Services for a Competitive Edge

The mobile data market has been approaching saturation in major industrialized nations. Mobile data consumption has increased steadily over the past several years, but consumers have found new ways to avoid paying extra for services they don’t need or use — and intense competition among mobile carriers has allowed consumers to switch from fixed-data to unlimited plans and pay less in the process.

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